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Name: Hafiz Ramadhani
NIM: 2001550571
Major: Computer Science

DV Run 2016

This event is about a charity run for 5 kilometers in Taman Impian Jaya, Ancol. It was held on the 4th of December 2016 from 6 am to 10 am. The money that we donated to them so we can join in the event is used to be given to those who are less fortunate in Indonesia, especially for children, in hopes that we can give them a better life to live.

Some of the reasons that I want to join in this charity run is because I want have fun with my friends that join the event. And I want to do sports sometimes because I want my body to be more fit. I also want to join it because I want to help the children in Indonesia so they can grow better and have a better education, and I think that is the most important reason I want to join it

The lessons that I learned from this event is that I think we should support all of the children in Indonesia so they can have a better education and we should not think that the effort that they made are worthless. I think the effort that they do just to survive are a lot because it is not easy living in Indonesia when you don’t have a lot to live for and that’s why we should help them by making a better world for them to live in.

Motivations that I can give to the people in the street is that they should not give up on trying their best to become better and live their lives to the fullest because their lives have a lot of meaning to other people. another thing in life that I learned is that all of the hard work that you do will be worth while, so keep working hard so that all of the things that you do will be worth it and even then you should keep working hard to keep getting better and better. All the things that we do are worth something.


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There are a lot of children that we see in the street selling newspapers and stuffs near the red light trying to make a living. Most of the children on the streets are lacking in education because all of them are trying so hard to just survive and buy foods. I think that we as people who have privileges than those children are more than allowed to give them something to help them grow much better. Some of the things that I think we should give them are free healthcare to those children, donate some of our clothes that don’t fit us anymore so they can wear them instead, and most importantly is that they should have free education system for them so not only they could do better for themselves, but it could also help our country to be much better

I think those are the things that I want to say for this event. Thank you for reading.