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Freshmen Enrichment Program

Freshmen Enrichment Program (FEP) is a program where various of orientation activity are done to help future student in Binus University to adapt much faster and better to the system, rules, and the way of learning in college world.

FEP is divided into 3 parts =

  1. General Orientation (GO) (1 week)
  2. Academic Orientation (AO) (2 weeks)
  3. Campus Life Orientation (CLO) (1 semester)

In General Orientation, we were taught to know the general things that we were supposed to know in the Binus University environment. For instance, we have to know the college rules, registrations, and all of the college’s organizations. all of the things that we do were guided with some of our seniors which we call Buddy Coordinator.

while we were doing the General Orientation, we had so much fun and got many friends from many different study course. since we are in Global Class, we didn’t have many people to start with, but we still had so much fun together. For start, we introduced ourselves to the class and I find it hard to know all of them immediately even though we were only a few people joined together because I would rather know some of them but know them personally through talking and doing all kinds of activity with them. The good thing is, we had done a lot of activity together like doing a “yel-yel” made by the seniors, then we make one of our own, and many more.

The first day we do the GO, we were gathered in Syahdan Campus and introduced ourselves in one of the class. after that we were told to choose a leader and vice leader, and a bunch of people stand up in front of the class to give a statement on why we should choose them as the leader/vice leader. Many of them gave a statement that they were there because they were told by other person to stand up. Which was mostly true but either way we ended up with a good leader and vice leader. The next day, we were gathered in Anggrek Campus and we were all introduced to all of the organization that we all can take part in because its like the time for each organization to show what they can do but it isn’t the time for us to sign up yet. It isn’t mandatory for every new student to join the organization, but it would be very beneficial for them so they can socialize with many different student from different study course.

The day after that is very special because its the Indonesian Independence day. So in that day, we all had to gather up in one of Kijang Campus and we had a flag ceremony. after that, there were 5 contests that were held in the same place so some of us took part in the contest. most of us reach the top 3 in some of the contests and won some small towels and drinks because it was a very hot day. the next 2 days, we were taught about Binus Maya which is the website for all students to check everything that goes on campus especially class schedules and important national dates, and about the exams, like how to register to be able to join the exam, the rules in the exams, the consequences if you got caught cheating in exams, etc. And we were also taught about Binus Way which is the part where they try to change our perspective and way of thinking to be successful in the university and on the outside world. and as a side work, we were told to make a letter for each Buddy Coordinator.

On the last day of GO, we were all gathered up back to Syahdan Campus to give the letters that we wrote to the Buddy Coordiator and its the day where we sign up to the organization that we wanted to join. it was crowded in the campus causing the air to feel a bit hotter than usual. after we sign up, we were told to gather up in a big room which is also where the basketball course is built and we show each of our “yel-yel” to the other groups.

After we finished our GO, we continue to AO where we were taught by our lecturer like we are going into normal university. It wasn’t so bad because we only went through a couple of weeks in AO and we were only given a few tasks to finish. after all of those, nothing special really happened except that we met a lot more classmates from different GO times than ours. It was really nice that we still get to meet some of our GO friends and we can still hang out sometimes outside of our schedule.

in between the schedule in AO, we get to do a special event for IT student called HTTP which stands for HIMTI Togetherness and Top Performance. HTTP is an event that is held by HIMTI to introduce new Binusian 2020 to School of Computer Science (SoCS) Faculty. In HTTP 2016, they come up with the topic “Passion, Innovation, and Togetherness”. It is held on September 10, 2016 from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM in BPPT II building in the auditorium. It is a once in a lifetime event for Binusian 2020 in School of Computer Science Faculty. The event costs RP. 150,000 and it includes the lesson on C Programming Language that was given before the main event, Lunch in the main event, T-Shirt and exclusive pin from HIMTI, goodie bag, merchandise, door prize, etc. And for those who didn’t have or use their own vehicle, HIMTI provided a bus for them in Kemanggisan which was separated into 2 shifts, and from Alam Sutera.

            In the main event, we were told to validate our registration and they had some IT showcase which were some games and apps for PC and mobile phone from many different game engines before the event started. The first thing that they did when the event started was to show a performance by a band called Peanut Butter Band with 2 songs. Next, they gave a few opening words from the leader of HTTP (Arlando Teng), the president of HIMTI in Kemanggisan Campus (Jonathan Gozali) and Alam Sutera (Rionaldo Aureri Linggautama ) Campus and also from the Dean of SoCS Binus (Fredy Purnomo, S.Kom., M.Kom.) with all of his partners. Then, they showed a video from the President of SoCS which tells about 6 key of success. After they are done with the opening words, there was a solo performance by Adam Sidqon where he sings 2 songs and 1 song that he wrote by himself and he never publicly published. And then we took part in a game called Word-Chain where the people who participate in the game are chosen randomly. The way you play the game is that the first person will speak a word and the next person will have to continue the previous person’s word while remembering what the previous person said, and so on. After we played the game, it was lunch break and everyone was given food and they had a chance to visit the stands that were made by the ones who sponsored the event.

After lunch break and it’s time to go back inside the auditorium, the next show was a talk show where the people who were invited to the talk show were the ones from Binus University. Those people are Nathanael, Reynold, and Christian. They created amazing technology like a robot that has face recognition and can talk in Indonesian, and a personality prediction app. They also talked about how hard it was to get to where they are right now and got some tips and tricks on how to be like them. They were given an appreciation award and some merchandise. Then we played another game where someone threw a ping pong ball into a tall paper that was wrapped around another person’s head. And then there was visualization about HIMTI by using drama to tell about it. After that, there was a break which was a bit longer than the first one because they had to move all of the chairs to the sides.

After we went back in, the center of the auditorium was very empty and there was a dance performance by a group called Revolution. After that was done, there was another performance by Vibing High band. Then we were told to take out our almamater because it was the time to officially welcome new Binusian 2020 into the SoCS by HIMTI. After all of those, it was the time to announce the winner of Bantex selfie contest which was announced at the beginning of the event and a door prize for those who were lucky. And finally it was the time for a performance by a DJ which was called DJ Angello. That was the final show in the event, but on the way out to get into the bus to go back to their respective campus, we were given the T-shirt and goodie bags. And that was the end of the HTTP event and the blog about FEP in Binus University. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading it.


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